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We are a team spread across the globe but united through the spirit of challenge to achieve the extraordinary. Being part of Team Global Village, we are literally training poles apart, in separate hemispheres, and we hope our team’s success will represent the coming together of different cultures, race, nationality and gender to achieve a positive common goal.

Linda Pomeroy

Some are born polar explorers, some achieve polar exploration and some have polar exploration thrust upon them. With apologies to Shakespeare, Linda is what might be described as a complete novice at this kind of thing. She feels cold in London in August so how she will cope with the icy chill of the North Pole, well it doesn’t (polar) bear thinking about! However, the moment she read about the Polar Challenge in a free newspaper on the underground, she signed up.

Linda has a habit of taking on too much: She currently works as a PhD student at Imperial College at the same time as running her own medical devices business. She also sings in choirs, plays netball in a competitive league, and in the last couple of years has run marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro, scaled the highest peaks in Chile and completed an ultra marathon in the Alps. This incurable case of restlessness will be sorely put to the test during the endless days and weeks of planting one ski in front of the other!

Ali Bajwa

Ali makes his living as an Orthopaedic surgeon. Despite the long hours in the operating theatre, he is also a dedicated entrepreneur and remains a competitive sportsman. 

Originally from Pakistan, Ali made England his home for over a decade but is currently training for the North Pole Challenge in Adelaide, Australia; where the sight of dragging his children, Ammar and Ayesha, on old car tyres has become synonymous with being a lunatic!

Ali thrives on competition! As a Discus thrower he is the current WM Games champion, holder of the Cambridge Blue and Pakistan Green colours. Ali loves the mountains and has climbed in 4 continents - several times over 6000m, and completed expeditions to Concordia, Baltoro and the Goodwin Austen glaciers in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges.

Without doubt this is a step into the unknown, however, as a hero of his said (Muhammad Ali) Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. Surely anyone who treks through the most inhospitable place on earth fulfils this requirement!!!